Samopouzdanje – Self-confidence: Support for girls and young women on their path to paid employment

The Palatin Foundation has found a partner in the gcfd / the Feminist Peace Organization, which has experience implementing projects in Eastern Europe, working in the area of equitable access to education and income. In partnership, the two organizations have outlined and initiated an innovative prototypical project for girls and young women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project targets severely disadvantaged girls and young women in Tuzla Province in Bosnia-Herzegovina. These girls have had to leave elementary school for various reasons. For example, because their parents were unable to pay their school fees, they had to do household chores or if they married at an early age. In so-called “returnee communities,” moreover, young girls and women from returnee families in particular are discriminated against and are seriously disadvantaged. As a result, their opportunities for education and work are reduced. Carried out in collaboration with a local partner organization, Vive Žene, the project focuses on these target groups and strengthens their ability to integrate into the training and labor market. To this end, the organization intervenes at various levels simultaneously with the aim of promoting self-confidence, freedom of expression and the acquisition of key and professional skills. In total, it is planned that 540 female participants will be able to benefit from the interventions over a period of four and a half years. The project is also expected to expand within the region and contribute to the tempering of patriarchal and discriminatory structures.