The Palatin Foundation is committed to enable children, teenagers and young adults grow up as free and self-determined as possible and to strengthen the expression of opinion and social responsibility of the target group. We are committed to improve development conditions and structures for the target group and strengthenlead the necessary foundations for this, such as physical, mental and social health.

Funding objectives

To achieve these goals, the foundation supports, initiates and leads projects focussing on “Participation and shared responsibility for an open and democratic society” and “Physical, mental and social health”.

The awarding practice focusses on projects in the areas of science/research and practice/care.

The “Participation and social responsibility” funding priority supports projects that …

  • …research the impact of the use of digital media and technologies on children and young people
  • …strengthen skills such as critical thinking, moral judgement and social ownership and co-responsibility
  • …promote the participation and integration of children, teenagers and young adults with a migration background.

The funding priority “Physical, mental and social health” supports projects that …

  • …research the physical, mental and social health of children and young people or investigate the prerequisites for this
  • …develope and realise structures and offers for children and young people that promote the physical, mental and social health of the target group
  • …favour the development of children and young people who find themselves in difficult circumstances
  • …strengthen the interfaces between the fields of physical, mental and social health.

Practice/care funding area: The Palatin Foundation supports practice and care projects that…

  • …test and implement innovative and novel approaches in child and youth work
  • …conceptualise and create structures and services

Science/research funding area: The Palatin Foundation supports research projects that…

  • …create a scientific basis
  • …demonstrate evidence and cause-effect relations
  • …evaluate practical implementation.

For research projects, please note that the Palatin Foundation requires information on the status regarding approval by the ethics committee. The Palatin Foundation accepts research applications that do not yet have a completed approval. However, funding will only be paid out after approval has been obtained.

Evaluation Criteria

We focus on time-limited projects that focus a specific need, guarantee quality and are sustainable.

Our commitment is based on partnership.

All applications must be submitted using our application form (link/button Blind applications will not be answered.

We communicate with applicants in German and English.

Positive criteria: The Palatin Foundation supports projects that …

  • benefit children, adolescents and young adults (< 27 years)
  • originate from institutions based in the Basel region or Switzerland
  • are effective in the Basel region, in Switzerland (and in exceptional cases also in Europe)
  • appear promising with regard to a specific need or an obvious gap
  • generate an exemplary and systemic signalling and multiplier effect
  • have a minimum project volume of CHF 10,000
  • require initial or start-up funding
  • develop results or products that are open source – i.e. free and licence-free – for the target group
  • (in the case of a science project) have a transfer plan for the resulting basic knowledge
  • already consider an initial impact evaluation.

Negative criteria: The Palatin Foundation supports …

  • … follow-up and follow-up financing only in exceptional cases
  • … no basic research projects (no animal experiments)
  • … no construction and infrastructure projects
  • … no projects in favour of individuals and small target groups
  • … no projects that primarily benefit adults
  • … no projects that are not time-limited
  • … no ongoing maintenance and operating costs
  • … no projects that fall within the scope of standard state structures (e.g. schools), that are part of the basic public services or that run counter to specific structural decisions made by the public sector.


We welcome applications that fulfil the funding objectives (link to “Funding” page) of the Palatin Foundation.

The next deadlines for submitting applications:
30 June 2024 and 28 February

Project submissions with a funding focus on (medical) health in the area of research are only accepted once a year: 30 June 2024

It is strongly recommended to submit a project proposal at least one month before the closing date.

Process and assessment

The Board of Trustees decides on applications twice a year. These can be submitted at any time. There is no legal entitlement to support. Applicants will be informed of the Foundation Board’s decision in writing.

The Board of Trustees may request to inspect the implementation of the project if it deems this to be appropriate in order to check that the funds are being used for the intended purpose.