The projects

The Palatin Foundation supports, initiates and manages research and practical projects focussing on “Participation and social co-responsibility for an open and democratic society” and “Physical, mental and social health”.

Forster children – next generation

The project “Foster children – next generation” aims to improve the conditions under which foster children grow up in Switzerland on a long-term basis. For the first time, the project will use national studies to comprehensively analyse the situation of foster children. Through this, the characteristics important for foster children to have a successful career should be determined.

Samopouzdanje – Self-confidence: Support for girls and young women on their path to paid employment

The Palatin Foundation has found a partner in the gcfd / the Feminist Peace Organization, which has experience implementing projects in Eastern Europe, working in the area of equitable access to education and income. In partnership, the two organizations have outlined and initiated an innovative prototypical project for girls and young women in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sexual Health Information in Simple Language

All people have the right to equal access to information and health services. This is especially true for their sexual health. For young people with limited reading skills, this requires messages in easy and comprehensible language.